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  Caves & Cliffs Update Coming To FoxelBox
Posted by: Xaihn - 01-08-2022, 07:22 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello FoxelBox! 
This post will mostly mirror the announcement in Discord but will include some additional information. We will be leaving this thread open for any questions.

We hope the holidays were wonderful for you and yours, and we figure what better way to greet the new year than to announce we are officially updating to Caves & Cliffs (1.18.1) on January 15, 2022.

As with every major update that significantly changes terrain generation, our map will be updated. We recommend marking the build you want to save, and putting a message in the new schematics channel on Discord with its coordinates so a member of staff can save your build (limitations apply, more information is posted in the schematics channel)

In the following two weeks from this message, we have begun setting up the new map as Jawa continues to iron out plugins and permissions. If there is anything you all would like to see in the new server spawn/hub, please let us know in the Minecraft Discord channel!

New features and changes:

Feature Changes

New map generation: Terralith 2.0!

  • Because we are resetting the map due to major terrain generation changes in Caves & Cliffs, we are using the data pack Terralith 2.0.
  • This data pack hosts some incredible custom biomes and terrain generation that compliment the new build height and depths well.
  • Check out their page on Curse Forge to preview what the new generation looks like!
Changes to: The Guest Region
  • The Guest region is no longer a part of the main map and is hosted in its own world separate from the main map.
  • Players of any rank are now able to play in the Guest region (locked to survival).
    - We want members of the server who invite their friends to play together.

    - We understand being a guest for a trial period before getting to play together can be frustrating and ultimately defeat the purpose of inviting them on our server.
  • Like with the old Guest region; lava/obsidian are removed entirely and players cannot access the Nether or End dimensions.
    - This is to prevent extreme grief such as lava casting.
Changes to: Homes
  • Homes are now limited per rank.
  • Changes not finalized, limits TBD.
Ranking Changes

New rank: Super Builder!
  • Super Builder has replaced Advanced Builder as the creative-enabled rank. 
Changes to: Advanced Builder
  • The Advanced Builder rank is now survival-only. 
  • We are adding new features to the rank that separate it from Builder.
    - Survival Fly (/sfly)
    - Walk Speed/Fly Speed (/speed <#>)
    - Personal Time/Weather (/ptime, /pweather)
    - Fullbright (/fullbright)

  • All features are available with every rank beyond Advanced Builder
Additional information to rank changes:
  • Existing Advanced Builders will be given the choice to remain in their current rank or be promoted immediately to Super Builder.
  • Adding a new tier to the hierarchy can seem daunting but rest assured, this does not mean getting creative will be more difficult.
  • In an effort to smooth out the progression from Builder to Architect, we have balanced the ranks so there are 2 survival and 2 creative ranks. 
  • We have also tweaked the approval of rank applications to be more uniform. 
As always, we're excited to see every one of you with the new update! We hope that 2022 can be a year of growth for our community and that these changes will lend themselves to new and old members alike. We are open to suggestions and concerns. This will be a large transition however, we aim to make this as painless as possible.

This thread will be updated periodically with additional changes as some changes are not finalized. The changelog will be in the thread below.
This document may be modified, restated, and/or amended at any time at the discretion of the Senior Management of FoxelBox or its owners.

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  Architect Rank Request
Posted by: Geoff_Faux - 03-22-2021, 08:43 PM - Forum: Builds - Replies (1)

Username: Geoff_Faux
Coords: 1500 -15000

So basically, it's a house, but really big. There're also some secret passages Smile. And don't forget to say Hi to Maurice!

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  Rank request
Posted by: Saint coyena - 03-16-2021, 08:51 PM - Forum: Builds - Replies (1)

project name: Svalbard complex

Coords to build: 1189.845/ 63.000000000000/ -2764.625

Player name: Saint_c0yena

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  Rank request
Posted by: Saint coyena - 03-15-2021, 06:59 PM - Forum: Builds - Replies (1)

geoff faux is the one who built the bridge i built the rest of this mixed use complex

coords to build: 1217.941/ 68.0000/ -1926.794

Minecraft name: Saint-c0yena

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Brick Rank Request
Posted by: CruxTallendar - 03-07-2021, 06:31 PM - Forum: Builds - Replies (3)

Minecraft Username: Lord_Tallendar

In game coordinates and world: 790, 68, -3330

Description: Teldrassil 1. (Finished)

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  Rank Request
Posted by: Geoff_Faux - 02-10-2021, 05:24 AM - Forum: Builds - Replies (1)

Username: Geoff_Faux
Coordinates of build: 880 100 -1300

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  Form Submission: Rank Request
Posted by: Ch1mi95 - 02-01-2021, 11:05 PM - Forum: Builds - Replies (1)

Username: Ch1mi95 (Chewmi, if you will)

The Great Tree of Kodai

Amongst the tops of the spruce trees separating Kodai Meadows and a neighboring village, a monumental silhouette towers over, almost blocking the sunlight. It’s mysterious origins and large doorway entice you to it as you come across the Great Tree of Kodai. What once was used as a housing/training grounds for the soldiers of old now stands as a testament to the trials they endured to ensure they’re preparations for what seemed inevitable. Can you survive the gauntlet to the top? What of the secrets below? As old as it may be, you can be sure to find the remains of those who tried and failed the gauntlet of the Great Tree.

Coords: -1144\72\-10643

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  Form submission: Rank Request
Posted by: Skeevel - 02-01-2021, 02:27 AM - Forum: Builds - Replies (1)

Minecraft Username: skeevel

In game coordinates and world: -1307, 64, -10711

Description: A nice small cozy hobbit home

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  The Lore of Kodai
Posted by: Norexian - 01-31-2021, 05:14 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Hey all! As you might of seen from my Co-op build post or ADV Builder application, I am building the nation of Kodai (along with Skeevel and Ch1mi) We each have our strong points, mine being lore writing. Each chapter will be in its own google doc which I will post on this thread. 

Any feedback is always welcome, and if you want to be part of the lore it is very simple. Just have a build in Kodai Meadows. (The one place which actually exists so far) and send me a message! 

The people not in lore yet who will be getting added later on so far: Harv, Skeevel+gf, Chimi, and maybe YOU? 

Anyways enough chatter from me here is CHAPTER ONE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15PF9...sp=sharing

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Brick The Kodai Nation
Posted by: Norexian - 01-30-2021, 03:41 AM - Forum: Coordinated Cobuilds - No Replies

So stepping out of the world for a minute here to explain what Kadoi is and who is/will be involved.

Kodai is going to be an area of four places (Two of which locations are locked in, one is almost finished) all connected by a disused underground railroad (Disused can be guessed by the fact the track is red and the sleepers are dark brown)

Kodai Meadows is the main hub. This is where all members who are part of Kodai build at least one build. 

Kodai Homestead is a little village, very few if any people will be building there other then the main builders. 

Forwardbase Kodai which is [redacted] for the Kodai region. Here people belonging to the [redacted] will be building their [redacted] (Very secretive, pay attention to lore for more) 

Kodai Rise where the "astroids" destroyed the hamlet and rail system there. Big flaming mess, lots of death. 

All of this is of course connected by the 18x15y2000z (rough estimate on Z cords) underground railway with stations at each point. 

This build is two parted: 
The lore around it and the builds themselves. 

There are three main builders involved, but anyone is welcome to build a build at Kodai Meadows. 

To be part of Kodai Lore, you have to have one build at Kodai Meadows. 

The three main builders and their responsibilities:
Norexian: The Lore writer+train builder 
Chimi: The building Planner+ Lore reviewer+builder
Skeevel: The Main Builder+ [redacted] builder

Included below (If i did it right) is an image of roughly what Kodai will look like. Meadows and Homestead locations are locked in. Forwardbase and Rise, locations not yet found but will update accordingly. 

I will update this thread on behalf of all three when there is more information about locations or whatever.

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