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[New] Rank request
project name: Svalbard complex

Coords to build: 1189.845/ 63.000000000000/ -2764.625

Player name: Saint_c0yena

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Based on present observations, this build application has been determined to not be of suitable quality expected from an Advanced Builder Submission. 

I shall outline my reasoning below. 

  1. Originality - While I like that you chose a newer biome to build in, and how you chose to build an underwater tube system which is appreciably difficult most times, I do not feel that any one part of it could be described as being unique or even interesting for that matter.
  2. Quality - To be clear, this entire build submission is made out of: glass, wood, and ice. With little variation to it, it leaves much to be desired; this leaves the build feeling plain and uninspired. The build placed atop the ice would barely pass for builder-rank.
  3. Décor - Decoration is lacking or hardly present. A big chair, a couple of tables, and a glass tube connected to an overturned pre-generated boat do not make for consistent or even marginally acceptable level of detail.
  4. Features - It is nice to see when people try building underwater structures, but besides your stairwell going down to the sea-floor, there isn't anything besides an overturned world-gen boat to visit; which alone cannot be given much positive weight in this application. It is neat that you chose to do that, but that is the extent of the interest or praise it will receive. The rest of the tunnels lead feasibly nowhere and contain no detail on their own.
  5. Use of Terrain - There is a great amount of potential in these biomes, which I feel is squandered here; a singular plain and out of place structure with barely any detail sitting atop an ice-pack is all that adorns it
Overall, this build submission feels plain and hectic; confusing to navigate and poorly constructed. When considering users for Advanced Builder, we must consider the quality produced by the user requesting the role -- and what it might look-like if they are given infite resources and flight. If I am being clear, I do not think any of us would like to see poorly considered structures such as this dotting the landscape willy-nilly, let alone being used as a basis for considering the quality expected of the rank you wish to receive for this. 

Build Submission: Denied | Thread Locked

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