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[New] Form submission: Rank Request
Minecraft Username: CoGSimpRex

In game coordinates and world: -1415 63 -10506

Description: To the far south of Dawntree, you will find the peaceful Hamlet of Kodai Meadows. Whilst all is peaceful and calm looking now, Kodai has a dark and warful past, which includes, war of heavily destruction, fire, death and heartbreaking losses... 

Kodai Meadows itself is a realitively peaceful hamlet. It is the northern most point in the system, with it being the connection to the main line towards Dawntree. Arriving from the north the first thing you will see is an old railway carriage. Upon closer investigation you will see that it is on disused railways, with track leading down hill, but the track has caved in! the carriage itself has been rebuilt to be a Camping Coach. With your knowledge of trains you know this must be old! The last one took out of comision back in 1971. Aha! That explains the track being old, and also the fact the rolling stock is not the same size as the mainline trains!

Moving on towards the east you will quickly find a pit. Ignoring said pit but continuing down it you will soon come to the underground station of Kodai Meadows. This railway, whilst still under construction will lead towards [redacted], Kodai Homestead, and the fatal area of Kodai Rise. Looking at Kodai Meadows station, you sniff the musty air, and see the dark sleepers, and red tracks. This rail has not been used for years. You guess at least 50-75 years. That is just proven even more by the vast amount of cobwebs everywhere.

Going back to the surface and making your way through the peaceful farmlands towards the west you will eventually stumble accross the wooden bunker. Hidden just underground beneath a layer of leaves and glass is the Honorable Guardsman's Bunker. The Guardsman has protected the Magistrate for eons. You find him weapons laid to rest, tending to his farm and wheat. He smiles when he sees you. "Ahh I been expecting you! Follow me youngling and let me tell you a story. The story of the Ancient Kodains and how they saved your planet without you even realizing!" Taken in awe, by this ancient Guardsman, and feeling safe around him, you follow him as he starts to hobble his way across the bridge and towards Kodai Meadows station. As you follow, he begins to tell the story behind Kodai leaving you in pure amazement...

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This application has been approved and your rank is now Advanced Builder! Congratulations and enjoy the perks of Advanced Builder such as access to creative!

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