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Rank request
geoff faux is the one who built the bridge i built the rest of this mixed use complex

coords to build: 1217.941/ 68.0000/ -1926.794

Minecraft name: Saint-c0yena

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Due to the lack of clarity as to who-built-what, this application will be automatically denied on the basis that clear logs are present detailing the cooperative or assistive building provided by one or more other users and that no one structure is free from those changes. 

Users may submit cooperative build applications, but the build must be more than twice as grand as it would be for a singular applicant, and as creative mode was utilized with this and it is a single-user build request, it is denied. There is simply too much interference from other users to be acceptable. Your second application will be inspected in its stead.

Rank Submission: Denied | Thread Closed

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