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[New] Rank Request
Minecraft Username: Lord_Tallendar

In game coordinates and world: 790, 68, -3330

Description: Teldrassil 1. (Finished)

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Is underated
Big Grin 
yeah it is but It will be a challenge to Find all what is around Teldrassil Complex with out breaking anything or using spectator and there is More than meets the eye
Having spent a good while inspecting your Advanced Builder Rank Submission, I do not find it to be of sufficient enough quality to be accepted. 

I shall outline my reasoning below. 

  1. Use of Space - Detailing this build as 'finished' does not seem to be accurate. Large rooms filled with nothing or a few berry plants and empty hallways that may have a decent structural design yet lack any real detail. see fig1, fig2
  2. Use of Terrain - I like seeing unique builds done inside of mountains and underground, but a large portion of your submission is quite literally zero-gravity hanging out of the side without support or any real vision present. see fig3
  3. Completion - As detailed in section '1', this build appears quite clearly to be an in-progress build; unfinished or barely started rooms are visible almost everywhere. 
  4. Decor - This build seems to show that you have some understanding of structural decoration, but there is little other than wall-planters filled exclusively with leaves on the edges of all the walls; there is an overwhelming lack of detail versus repetition.
  5. Features - I would like to see more features included in this structure (Functions, features, appearing to be lived in); I liked where you were going with the little cage-lift in the starting room, but your follow-through on completing it or fleshing it out leaves it lacking. 
  6. Exterior - As alluded to in section '2', there appears to be little-to-no care for the exterior environment, the mountain or the water-body surrounding it. I would like to see less zero-gravity structures that make little sense being where they are. (Things lack support.) see fig3

fig1 [Image: MCy2sU6.jpg]    fig2 [Image: HMIMRU5.jpg]   fig3 [Image: vimvseS.jpg]

In closing, this build feels.. overall lacking in detail, vision oversight and completion. I would like to see what changes are made after you finish reading this, and look forward to a more fleshed-out build submission. 

Rank Submission: Denied | Thread Closed

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