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[New] Form Submission: Rank Request
Username: Ch1mi95 (Chewmi, if you will)

The Great Tree of Kodai

Amongst the tops of the spruce trees separating Kodai Meadows and a neighboring village, a monumental silhouette towers over, almost blocking the sunlight. It’s mysterious origins and large doorway entice you to it as you come across the Great Tree of Kodai. What once was used as a housing/training grounds for the soldiers of old now stands as a testament to the trials they endured to ensure they’re preparations for what seemed inevitable. Can you survive the gauntlet to the top? What of the secrets below? As old as it may be, you can be sure to find the remains of those who tried and failed the gauntlet of the Great Tree.

Coords: -1144\72\-10643

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This application has been approved and your rank has been set to Advanced Builder! Congratulations!

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