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Building Rank Guidelines
Building Guidelines for Promotion on Foxelbox.

There's a lot to cover but I'll try to be brief! With building being the main focus of the server now the ranking structure has changed. As many of you may know in the past we ranked members of the server based on community involvement. However, long ago, this server's player tenure did not influence rank. We have reverted back to a creative centric hierarchy.

Building ranks here on FoxelBox are as follows [SUBJECT TO CHANGE]:

  1. Guest
  2. Builder
  3. Advanced Builder
  4. Architect
With each rank there comes an expectation, a certain level of creativity, required in order to advance to the next rank. This thread will not guarantee your promotion, it will only offer general direction. Throughout this thread, I will detail what each rank means and how to obtain it. When you feel you are ready for a promotion, please be patient! Remember the rules regarding ranks and do not beg for a rank or someone to review your build/project. All good things come with time!

I will likely open a channel in the discord for promotion requests. The same rules will apply as the server. Any repeat posts, bumping of threads, or begging will result in a mute. Further violations will result in a ban.

Guest, and how to get to Builder
The name of this rank pretty much explains it. When you first join the server you will be a guest. Guests are isolated from the main map of the server. In this area, you can build and play the game as normal. In order to proceed, we suggest building a house or structure to your liking. The standard guests can expect for promotion are very lenient and this trial area should be considered your first impression to the other members of the server. So long as you follow the rules, play nicely, and build something, you can expect a promotion in no time at all. 

This rank is considered a probation rank, you are subject to the highest scrutiny of our rules.

Promotion for Guest to Builder on average takes 2-3 days.
To summarize requirements:

  1. Follow the rules
  2. Build something you like
Builder, and how to get to Advanced Builder
Congratulations! You made it to builder. This rank succeeds guest and is your introduction to the rest of the map. You'll notice you can no longer interact with your build in the guest area. If you choose a member of staff can move your build out of the guest area. As it entails, go build some more stuff! Perhaps expand on your original build, if you moved it out of the guest area, or start something new! Now's your time to strut your stuff in survival and make something impressive. That's right, the next rank will grant you creative!

This rank is restricted from creative access.

Promotion for Builder to Advanced Builder on average takes 2-3 weeks.
To summarize requirements:

  1. Improve your building or build something to impress
  2. Plan a project or larger build, you're working for creative access!
  3. Strive to wow other players or the staff
Advanced Builder, and how to get to Architect
Excellent work! Your efforts have awarded you the highest non-specialty building rank. Yay for creative! From this point, if you're up to it you can try for our Architect rank. While the previous two promotions haven't involved much in ways of expectations, the architect rank will require tremendous effort. The few elite builders who achieve this rank are shining examples of creativity. This rank will require a project, structure, or build on a scale that might make you think "man this would be easier with World Edit" which, hint hint, you would be granted access if you were promoted to Architect. In order to even start the process to become an architect, we recommend partnering with a staff member. The sooner you're on our radar the better. If we don't know you're working for architect you may not even be considered. Be warned though, this rank will take a long time to obtain.

Promotion for Advanced Builder to Architect on average takes 4-6 months.
To summarize requirements:
  1. High level build, structure, or project
  2. Very organized execution
  3. Maintain an overall theme
  4. Make staff aware you're working for this rank to be considered
  5. Be a living example of our community culture
What's beyond?
For the committed few, if you're interested you can apply to join our staff! I will detail staff ranks and their hierarchy in another post. But to give everyone a general idea, I'll go over a few basic points. A lot of our current staff hold significant tenure on the server and strive for professionalism. This community has come a very long way from how management was orchestrated just 5 years ago! Staff ranks are not subject to building requirements and are under their own regulations. We expect a consistent, well-liked member of the community to step up to the plate if they were interested and apply here on the forums. Clearly this is not a formal environment (it's just a game!) but we do expect candidates to treat the responsibility with some urgency and gravity. If you're curious about your standing, you can always reach out to a current member of staff but of course, we would recommend applying if you're truly interested. Joining staff does have restrictions as well. No one member under the age of 18 may join our staff. No one with a previous ban within 6 months may join our staff. 

Apply for staff!

Well, that's just about it. If you have any additional questions or concerns, I will leave this thread open for constructive questions or comments only. If the thread goes off-topic, the posts will be deleted and the thread will be locked.

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