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FoxelBox Minecraft Server Rules

Hello and thank you for joining our community! Our main Minecraft server is considered a building server with ranks centered around creativity.
Our objective is to create an approachable community where anyone is welcome.
This thread will cover general information for rules enforced by the community administrators and Minecraft staff. Most violations will result in a ban from the Minecraft server and will require an appeal here on the forums to regain access. (Visit the Ban Appeal Form to submit) Please read all the rules carefully and be aware most if not all rules are enforced without exception. Consider this thread your final warning going forward. Should you have any questions or a situation that may result in rules being broken, consider contacting any member of staff before proceeding. 
The following game-related rules are mandated with no exceptions:
  1. Grief and theft are prohibited
  2. Hacking/hacked clients are prohibited
  3. Do not spam or advertise in any form
  4. No begging (including but not limited to begging for rank promotions)
  5. Discussion or inciting the use and/or distribution of illegal substances or activities is prohibited*
  6. Trolling, baiting, or provoking is prohibited
  7. Bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment are prohibited**
  8. Discussion or roleplay involving sexual situations are prohibited
  9. Alt accounts are not allowed
In order to remain compliant with several laws and international regulations: you must be at least 14 years old to join the server or community in general. If you are aware of someone below the age of 14 playing on the server or participating in the community please report to a member of the staff immediately. Should you be found complicit or knowingly encouraging someone below the age of 14 to play on the server, you will also be banned. 

Some rules of the community are mandated "case by case" situations. This includes general trends noticed by staff and typically encompass individual behavior. This community is considered a safe zone and any form of bullying, harassment, or sexual harassment will not be tolerated. We strongly encourage that while you are a member of FoxelBox in general that you avoid bringing personal issues with other members into the public (this covers any form of public communication with other members such as Discord, the forums, or in-game chat.) If you find yourself in a situation where you are being harassed or mistreated, please contact an administrator or member of the Minecraft staff immediately. 

Regarding the use of WorldEdit. To ensure anyone who wants to obtain Architect is on the right path and incentive to get promoted is authentic; all staff and Architects are expected to use WE for nothing more than their own personal account builds or moving guests out of the guest area. Any misuse of WE will result in stripping of rank and possible ban. 

Please allow staff members to do their job and do not interfere in any discussions or decision making. If you're interested in joining staff, consider applying!

If at any time you feel a Minecraft staff member is abusing their power please report to a community admin or one of the community owners in discord immediately.

*These rules will warrant a permanent ban and appeals will under no circumstances be accepted.
**These rules will be handled based on severity and could result in a permanent ban. Appeals will also not be accepted under any circumstance.
Changelog 08/08/2020
  • Added new rule number 9. "Alt accounts not allowed"
  • Cleaned up a section about WorldEdit usage to clearly indicate that usage of WorldEdit be for your own accounts builds.

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