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The Kodai Nation
So stepping out of the world for a minute here to explain what Kadoi is and who is/will be involved.

Kodai is going to be an area of four places (Two of which locations are locked in, one is almost finished) all connected by a disused underground railroad (Disused can be guessed by the fact the track is red and the sleepers are dark brown)

Kodai Meadows is the main hub. This is where all members who are part of Kodai build at least one build. 

Kodai Homestead is a little village, very few if any people will be building there other then the main builders. 

Forwardbase Kodai which is [redacted] for the Kodai region. Here people belonging to the [redacted] will be building their [redacted] (Very secretive, pay attention to lore for more) 

Kodai Rise where the "astroids" destroyed the hamlet and rail system there. Big flaming mess, lots of death. 

All of this is of course connected by the 18x15y2000z (rough estimate on Z cords) underground railway with stations at each point. 

This build is two parted: 
The lore around it and the builds themselves. 

There are three main builders involved, but anyone is welcome to build a build at Kodai Meadows. 

To be part of Kodai Lore, you have to have one build at Kodai Meadows. 

The three main builders and their responsibilities:
Norexian: The Lore writer+train builder 
Chimi: The building Planner+ Lore reviewer+builder
Skeevel: The Main Builder+ [redacted] builder

Included below (If i did it right) is an image of roughly what Kodai will look like. Meadows and Homestead locations are locked in. Forwardbase and Rise, locations not yet found but will update accordingly. 

I will update this thread on behalf of all three when there is more information about locations or whatever.

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