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FoxelBox Build Feature Series
The FoxelBox Feature Series

With the new FoxelBox Build Feature Series, players can submit their builds and creations for selection to be featured on our Discord, Forums, and Planet Minecraft pages! Certain unique accolades will be given to survival and creative builds in addition to Architect-Achieving builds. For one month, a certain number of player builds will be featured on rotation changing each month. If a build is selected, a few things are guaranteed for your build: 

  • Featured Submissions will be available to visit via a warp lasting for that month.
  • Featured Submissions can be protected via WorldGuard for the duration of the feature rotation.
  • Featured Submissions will be saved with worldedit schematics and given to the creator.
  • Users on feature rotation will be given a unique in-game/discord tag while their creation is featured.*

Pinnacle Status

Pinnacle builds are exceedingly exceptional builds, towns or creative structures selected through a staff vote to be permanently featured. Given their exceptional status, these builds are given the following.
  • A permanent warp point to their build location.
  • A permanent world-guard protection region if desired.
  • A full schematic save given to the creator and saved throughout game versions.
  • A permanent placement into a Feature Series Hall of Fame build.*

How do I post my submissions?

Until we create a submission form, please follow this posting guide:
  • New Feature Submissions should go into the Build forum section.
  • Feature Submissions MUST contain the prefix " [Feature Submission] - " in the thread subject.
  • Feature Submissions MUST contain at least three screenshots of your build.
  • Feature Submissions MUST contain the coordinates to your build.
  • Feature Submissions MUST have a description of your build. The length is up to you.
  • Only one Feature Submission is allowed per build.
  • You may submit three unique builds per month.*

Items notated with a * are currently not available, or are in discussions for implementation or changes.

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