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BakaPixel's Architect Rank Request
Returning user form many many moons ago, Soltris/Sol, I am once again asking for Architect rank. I submit to you most holy of readers the fruits of my efforts, behold the mighty Cataclysm's Edge as it hovers ready to tear the ground asunder. I beseech thee, grant my request so that I might make this an even grander spectacle.

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I'm liking where this is going at the moment.  Really good symmetry with the scale of the build, both linear and radial.  Though I'd like to see more development on the land that fills the gap between the outer perimeter and the inner, be that either a more hands-on touch to the terrain to show the sword's devastating impact, or structures and garrisons to make the overall location seem more of a keep or fortress trying to keep in the treasure, or keep out would-be invaders.  Or go with something completely different that might be even more creative.  

But whatever you decide, I'd say the land gap needs a bit of refining.  And I'm really interested to see what you decide to do with that.
M'Lord, the "Burning Legion" has mounted their assault in a valiant attempt to take the mighty Cataclysm's Edge. Their efforts uncovering the devastating effect of the world cracking blade. The devastating gargantuan graboid is slain, but their lava blighter remains pumping endless amounts of lava. The horrors of the beneath have yet to be realized by the protective forces.

Future Plans: Recreated nether under the area, total volume will be ~ 1.6-2 mil blocks, I've started digging this up but will take ~70-90 hours to carve out. The lava blighter is an example of the structure theme of that area. There is a 'secret' way to sneak down and take a peak, look for the birch doors. Wink
Loc: -1578, 45, -11409

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I like it. it looks mighty impressive. Tho I noticed there are doors leading to the inside of a few areas, do you have any plans for those?
That would be the secret area under the whole thing in future plans.

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