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    Hey all!

    We're in the process of setting up some basic Team Fortress 2 servers for everyone to enjoy, along with some custom game modes such as deathrun and Vs. Saxton Hale.

    But, what would you want to see from our servers in terms of game modes, plugins / features, donator perks and such?
  2. Micah Nightwolf

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    I used to operate TF2 servers as well, so I can provide a bit of insight or whatever you guys need to get things going smoothly.

    Custom game modes never held my interest so I can't say much about those. I'm also not sure what to say about 24 hour single-map servers, because Skial and other groups have enough of those. (2fort, anyone?)

    I suppose this depends on how many servers you guys are setting up and the number of player slots for each one. I would suggest 1 server for each of Payload, CTF, and 5CP running a rotation of commonly played maps, or maybe 1 server running a rotation of CP and CTF maps that never get enough love. I don't prefer KoTH because I like having the rounds last longer than 6 minutes.

    If you will be running an MvM server, I speak from experience when I say you probably shouldn't load it down with plugins unless the server box you get has astronomically high specs. 32 player server running 22 bot AIs simultaneously was noticeably slower for me when I tried things like "Be the Robot," and some other gameplay-modifying plugins. Then again, I only had a virtual server, so it probably had crap specs.

    For donator perks, I would suggest Player Trails (though I never could get it to work), colored chat and names, and autobalance immunity. *Autobalance is annoying, but so is immunity if it refuses to switch anyone when teams are stacked, so maybe make this an expensive perk.

    There are also several plugins that I suggest every server admin have installed.

    Spray Manager, allows tracking, removing, banning, and overlap protection of player sprays. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2009339
    10vm, allows 4 extra players to connect to MvM server. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1819189
    Sourcebans and Sourcecomms. Both are ancient and haven't been updated in ages, but if you can get it to work, it is invaluable.

    And last but not least, HLSW. They don't maintain it anymore, but again, if you can get it to work, it will make your admin jobs easier without having to fire up TF2 just to chat to people or deal with a problem. It requires RCON to work though, so only top admins with the RCON password can use it.

    I apologize that this post was so long, but I feel as if my experience as a former server operator has given me quite a lot of info to share to those looking to open a new TF2 server. Let me know if you guys need anything else. I'm happy to help!
  3. Crashdoom

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    RE a few of the plugins: I've got a few I'm still working to add into the current system which is a custom implementation of bans / communication restrictions as I found it easier to work into a custom system than Sourcebans.

    I've a copy of a lightweight spray manager code for identifying, removing and blacklisting sprays.

    For game modes: The main reason for the 24/7 2Fort is that it's still popular, so it helps generate footfall. I agree with getting other modes with rotations up and I'll be working on doing that tomorrow.

    I wasn't too sure about doing MVM servers as they do become very intensive because of Valve's (frankly) terrible AI code.

    And YEEEEEESS HLSW is my rock. I use it for managing plugin updates mainly, so I'm reluctant to give out the RCON password because of the possibilities of anonymous abuse.

    We were looking into doing trails / tails for donator perks where possible, but know there are some restrictions to doing this while maintaining Quick Play access, coloured chat will be a possibility (already got a chat tag and color system in place!), and I agree with it being a delicate matter regarding auto balance immunity, we may wait a bit before considering that.
  4. Micah Nightwolf

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    Yeah Sourcebans was good in its day but it's kinda crap now because they haven't updated it in years and it's a pain in the ass to set up.

    I hope your spray manager plugin has anti-overlap protection. If not, trolls will be trolls.

    I think yet another 247 2fort server will hardly be groundbreaking but only time will tell. Right now I think Skial pretty much has a monopoly on them, and Skial "may contain furries."

    Valve's AI is predictable and terrible, I agree. Yet I've noticed that there's a highly OP exploit called "teamwork" that most players haven't heard about, but the bots abuse it all the time. Gaben needs to nerf this before it gets out of hand. LOL!

    Personally, I would prefer alternate character models instead of tails. That's just my opinion, but I think they look better that way. There's a plugin that makes the alternate models visible to everyone. Except people who block downloads. Then you'll appear as nothing more than a flashing ERROR sign and they won't even know what class you are or where your hitbox is lol. If only I knew how to avoid forcing Quickplay people to download them, and just make the downloads available to people who join using the server browser or console.
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  5. Micah Nightwolf

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    I was also going to say that autobalance immunity is ok as a donator perk, just make it really bloody expensive so not everyone has it. What would be really great is if there was a plugin that, instead of granting immunity, simply reduced the odds of it happening to a particular player. Like if non-donators get a base chance of being selected (1 in however many players there are), low-tier donators get half that chance (1 in (numPlayers * 2)) and high-tier donators get a quarter of that chance (1 in (numPlayers * 4))

    Idk if that makes sense. My brain died when I joined Steam, so I don't know how to math anymore.