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    Post your balance ideas in this forum to the various classes.
    Or come up with your own classes

    These are meerly suggestions so don't be too enthusiastic / lethargic.

    Structure your ideas like so:

    1) I believe X
    2)Because Y
    3) To promote / to stop Z
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    ---Class Balance---

    I believe the archer should be nerfed
    They should have their infinite ammo removed and given a finite number such as 15.
    Their arrows should either be picked up by themselves, or by other players to stop them from shooting.

    This is because I believe archers have become sentries which cover the entire map, and stationary too.
    It also stops players from being able to safely approach them in the water or in cheap positions especially with cover.
    It will also stop archers from spamming their arrows at close range which will stop the above.

    It will promote new strategies by the players, to go out of their way to pick up enemy arrows to stop them from continuously shooting.
    As another bow wielding class, it will also make this strategy more reliable and give a risk/reward to using the bow and missing / hitting your target.
    It will also promote mobility of the class to change spots, which makes playing them more skillful and increasing risk/reward.
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    --New class idea --

    The Bomberman

    A master of pyrotechnics


    Flint and Steel
    10X TNT
    10X fire charges
    Blast and fire resistant Armour
    Sub-standard melee with shield (Blast shield)

    (I do not know if this class is possible first)

    This class is all about trapping and baiting, and making use of the terrain to their advantage

    The strategy is to lure foes closer, to a trap of tnt which if spring correctly can seriously damage the heavier classes, or outright kill the lesser armored ones.

    it's a fun and unique counter to melee classes which can get the drop on you in the tight enclosed caves of the maps, where no character really aces in that area yet.

    Fire charges can help the bomberman skirmish enemies from a distance by igniting them, or set off their traps at the cost of everybody knowing their position if done too far away in open land. It is no match for a bow, but the constant damage could be enough for the archers to take cover, allowing the bomberman to advance

    their weakness is being caught off guard themselves by bespoke melee classes getting too close. Or being sniped from a distance.
    So good positioning and awareness will be key.

    Perhaps in future maps there could be unloaded tnt cannons, aimed at popular sniping spots, so the bomberman can take advantage of their position and load and use the cannon at the cost of a lot of tnt, time and poor position.
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    --New class--

    The Legionary

    a ranged resistant, heavily armored but slow and vulnerable to ambush class.

    Good Armour, resistant to ranged attacks (and knockback).
    Good melee (gladius) but more effective at timed strikes than other swords (cannot get a critical jump strike).
    Shield (decorated red to help with recognition.
    Slowless effect.
    2X potion of harming (acting as the Roman Pilla)
    Good amount of food

    A rather tanky variant of the swordsman, who excels more at planned attacks, and exposure to arrow fire, but is weaker to being ambushed due to it's slow speed.

    The strategy would be rather realistic, tank enemy arrow fire and advance, throw the potions before charging in.
    Timing the sword strikes well for an additional bonus than what would normally be achieved, especially on the charge (if this is possible)

    The strengths of this class will come from competent playing, and risk reward of taking the exposed open charge towards enemy ranged units, where the unit can be attacked from the flanks easily and cut down.

    their superior melee strikes rely on specific timing from the player, making the combat more interesting, as well as good aim.
    Charging enemies can be especially effective, although jump striking will be less so, for the gladius is a stabbing weapon.

    however, the legionary can be counter charged when they're throwing their potions, for they won't have their melee out, losing the opportunity of first blood, making all aspects of fighting interesting.
    Their high amount of food can allow for a more continuous engagement and taking of arrow fire.

    Their second potion can be used to finish off retreating enemies with good aim or for helping fend off enemies when running away.

    Their weaknesses are being attacked from the flanks by axemen such as the beserker, for their shield and slow speed give them little resistance.
    But with good strikes the Legionary could gain ground, if they aren't immediately ambushed and killed.
    being shot in the back is also a heavy blow, their slowness will mean they cannot get to cover very easily and can be outran by routing enemies.

    All in all, an interesting risk/reward with a unique strategy and a good skill ceiling.
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