My formal goodbyes. Thank you, everyone.

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    To the people who currently play on, have ever played on and ever will play on FoxelBox's Minecraft server:

    Thank you.

    This server is what made me a furry in the first place, and I've become a much better person as a result of that fact. I've been happier, I've had much more creativity than ever and have made a lot of friends just from this server alone.

    A few special thanks before I start rambling, these are the names of some players who I befriended along the way who gave me a new outlook on life: Karnepae, Zevarius, radionactive, Xaihn, Doridian, Zidonuke, Cipher, MythTheWolf, Koito, and many, many more.

    But I think it's finally time for me to say goodbye, unfortunately.
    The turnover in administration and diminishing playerbase has led me to make the decision to leave for good and wish the best of luck and gaming to the remaining players on the server. I hope people can understand that the unfamiliarity and monotony of the server has become something I don't care for anymore regardless of the impending map reset. Simply put, the place is boring and I don't know anyone :v

    For a bit of background for those of you who don't know me, I first joined (I think) on June 15th, 2015, after rewatching some old Team Avolition videos and wondering whether the servers they griefed were still standing. Turns out, FoxelBox was still standing even after nearly four years. I joined with no malicious intent but rather to explore and see what the server had to offer. I had little previous interaction with the furry community through a few babyfurs I had met elsewhere but never really talked to. I liked the art, though, and wondered what the rest of "furry" was all about.
    After about a week or so of playing, I started to call myself a furry and took on an unnamed lynx fursona who has now developed to become Socks. In about a months time, I will have been a furry (and player) for two years. I consider both of these great accomplishments.

    Anyway, I had mostly played from mid-2015 to around February 2016 when the server really started to lose my interest. At that point, I moved on to anarchy, became famous there, did a bit of youtube, became famous there and really left the place behind. I remained interactive with the furry community on Twitter, Reddit and Discord, but never FoxelBox. Not often, at least.

    My final stats show I have played for 4.02 days, have walked 373 kilometers, and have jumped 58,034 times.

    This place made me a furry and it's something I'll carry with me for life.

    I love you all and NEVER stop being awesome.

    -Socks the lynx (ImportedSocks/legorobot92)
    Jun 15, 2015 - May 12, 2017
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    It's good to know this place made an impact on your outlook, and I'm glad to have been a part in that. I'm not around much anymore but I do check in occasionally. I hope wherever you land, you can enjoy every bit of what's to come. Good luck to you, Socks.

    PS You can message me on Discord if you'd ever like to. I'm mostly available.