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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Snow van Night, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Snow van Night

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    my idea is to have a rpg like world

    i don't want to suggest this for the general server, but more a subworld with it's special rules, like currently creative or the games world

    the rpg elements could include different things like factions, different species, economy and much more

    factions could be leaded by player or admins and could act like countries with territorial wars or wars for resources.
    stealing or trading with other factions could also be a possibility
    player can decide what faction they want to be part of or to be neutral

    different species would allow us to represent our fursonas with different traits.
    for example felines don't get fall damage, avians can fly, aquatic species breath underwater...
    to balance this out, the species could even have negative traits
    for example aquatic species can't breathe over water or prey species have less health

    the economy could be bound very close to the faction side of the world with factions or player trading with each other
    the economy could even include different professions you train to get better results from your work, this would make working together much more profitable

    an idea to make this not too resource intensive for the server is to limit the size of the world
    this would even have the side effect of limited land, that could create interesting relationships between factions
    in addition this world could be a custom created one, with different areas that in the beginning are owned by different factions, so one faction has large forests while the other has more ores and so on

    as already said, i would suggest that as a subwold to the server and not to the main survival one, so player can decide whether they want to join or not
    for the custom world: i would really like to help with this and create a custom and balanced world

    when anyone has additional ideas to this please feel free to add them
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  2. Zedrimar

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  3. psstk47

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    Very inventive idea!
  4. Fenris Fibulwinter

    Fenris Fibulwinter Registered

    ooh that would be cool yeah
  5. Fenris Fibulwinter

    Fenris Fibulwinter Registered

    and it would be cool idea yes and can have Kingdoms or Cities/states or something like that.. people comes to to work, questing or live and earn money and rent houses and other thingsand have Horse riding or portals or dragon flying to town to town and so ^^ and the Staff and Trusted can own cities people can come and work and live and so ^^; or can make a rank or something is allowed to build in creative and we on that world and on creative

  6. MoonieNightheart

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    I Love this suggestion alot and hope this will be an reality soon on the foxelbox

    I would happily then if Possible start building part of the grand scale of the Nordic realm

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