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Jul 2, 2012
Valefore City, Avalon
Hey Everyone,

After updating to 1.11 earlier this month and going live, we've had a couple of ideas on what to add to the server to make it a little more fun for everyone. A couple of those ideas included adding an economy system and shops, as well as a potential road to adding McMMO. These would exist for players to have a more enjoyable, entertaining time on the server, and not have it be the standard vanilla experience that can grow rather dull in a quick amount of time.

Taking those steps to include some of these dieas, we have installed the following plugins this past week:

Players can now earn in-game currency, and use it amongst themselves however they please. Currency can be used for anything ranging from simple favours, player-owned shops, to buying housing plots in towns that may develop. The purpose of money is what you make it out to be. Players can earn money through killing mobs, and selling resources to the admin shops at Spawn, and can earn money from minigames and PvP in the future. All players will start with a balance of $1000 in-game currency.

Regarding shops, they're now available for use, and they will be utilizing the ShopChests plugin. Simple and lightweight, players will be able to convert chests into shops to sell whatever items they wish to offer. Shop Chests are limited to a single item type however, so if you wish to sell more than one kind of item, you'll have to setup multiple shop chests. To see the ShopChest commands, simply do /shop.

Be aware that shops will not be free. Players will be charged $500 in-game currency to create a shop, so think smart about what you want to sell to others!

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