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Full Version: Form submission: Rank Request
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Minecraft Username: chessfreak

In game coordinates and world: 3900/-1315/72

Description: A small lakeside cottage with some farming area on the back and some basic workshop equipment in the basement. All normal looking from the outside.

But if you step through the well, you get to the entrance of a multi-level underground area packed with areas for cattle, some automated farms (sugar cane, bamboo, wool, steak/leather and cooked chicken/feathers) and a sheep farm with all the colors separated (I had all colors twice, but animals seem to smell food through other blocks, so some of them got crushed to death on accident before I had built that area).

Water elevators make getting to each level fast and easy.

For easy transportation of animals there is a hidden backdoor/staircase connecting every underground level to each other and to ground.

My goal is to have all buildings/farms etc to not stick out of the surrounding environment.

The current state took me a few weeks, thanks to the existing XP grinder.

Xaihn has already seen it ingame.