What is Your Fursona?

Jul 14, 2016
Name: Static

Species: Windows 3.1 (SafeMode w/Command Line)

Age: In the eyes of most, a Fossil.
DOB: April 6, 1992

Gender:..... *brain explodes
var gender={

Return= null;JInputError272

Weight: somewhere in the 400-435 range. made of metal.

Likes: Laughing at Macintosh, snuggling with users, That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when your face is too close to the screen.

Dislikes: UPDATES!, water... , ctrl,alt,del-ing things

You know Windows 3.1 doesn't actually have a safe mode? It's just a shell for MS-DOS, it isn't really even an operating system. That feature was introduced in Windows 95 afaik. I've used both enough to say that with a fair bit of confidence.
Sep 25, 2016
Parts Unknown

species: animatronic fox

age: ageless but is tall as a normal adult

gender: male

weight: 204

frame material is made with heavy duty steel

first made:back in the 2000's when jame's pizzaeria was first made

talent: acting (most specifically does sitcom)

what is james pizzaeria?: what it is is basically a place where there is games,ball pit,teenage fun stuff, party rooms, and of course they serve pizza

personality (in jame's pizzaeria): friendly, not a killer, cute, generous and hilarous.

and however there is a parallel universe to jame's pizzaeria so instead of there being jame's pizzaeria instead there is a country called jame's world so basically what it is. it is basically a country where all robots live there and there are no humans or furrys that are not animatronics.

personality (in james world):militaristic, fearless, persistent, watchful, helpful and doesnt take kind to any robots that break his laws

in james world he owns a armored ford f-150 with a decal saying james world leader and his weapon of choice in military is a k7-avenger from perfect dark

and if you didnt know james is the leader of james world

and the picture of james is...