What is Your Fursona?

Fluffy Gryphon

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Nov 15, 2013
Post your fursona description here! Provide a picture if you want. This is a great way to show yourself off. Please refrain from posting 18+ data here.

My name is Fluffy.
I'm a giant quadrupedal gryphon, though I could also be called an opinicus since I walk on four paws. The fursona I created has a goofy power. I'm a spirit gryphon. I represent the state of fluffiness in the universe. This is a trait of both the mind and body. The more fluff and happy fuzzy thoughts, the fluffier I am.

I also have interesting taste in clothes.

16 feet tall to the shoulder.
41.5 feet long beak to tailtip.
13.5 foot long tail.
42 foot wingspan.
7 inch claws.
20.5 inch paw width.
2800 lbs.



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Nov 16, 2013
Name: Jinx Velox aka Jinx Velox the Steampunk Fox aka Jinxie

Species: Swift fox (vulpes velox)

Appearance: A lithe anthropomorphic fox, with sandy colored fur, burgundy-red hair, and golden eyes.

Attire: Jinxie tends to prefer layers of clothing, which she likes to think conceal her figure, but actually only enhance it. Her “uniform” of choice is a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a dark brown vest buttoned over it, cargo pants, and black boots. She’s usually wearing goggles and a hat of some sort, and carries various tools. If Jinxie actually leaves a project to do something fun (fun? What is that?!), she usually wears a tank top, with a looser shirt over it, and a kilt with her black boots.

Personality: Stubborn, intellectual, fun loving, and a little stand-offish

Traits: A tinkerer and inventor (with varying degrees of success), as well as a Hedge Witch

Behavior: Jinxie prefers to be busy at all times. It is difficult, if not impossible, to slow her down. She is resentful of interruptions and impatient when others don’t understand her drive to complete projects or succeed. Of course, she will slow down and have fun – she knows she can’t work day in, day out. However, Jinxie prefers to decide when and how she’ll take breaks from her work. Routines are of the utmost importance to her, and she does not tolerate disruptions well.

History: There are many things Jinxie loves to discuss – just about everything, in fact. But she’s not keen on talking about her past. Come back again tomorrow. Or the day after. She still won’t want to discuss it.

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Jan 26, 2015
Name: Came

Species: (Neko?)

My fursona is a mixture of a cat and a girl. It's a girl with blue eyes, brown hair (like me irl), a cat tail, cat ears, paws and cat tits. (So my fursona has no breasts.) It's my minecraft skin too, but I unfortunatly have no pictures, because I am not good at drawing. :(


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Jan 10, 2013
There are several Xaihn's depending on my mood/the situation I would put him in. The Xaihn most portrayed on this server is the one I will describe.

Full name: Xaihn Anthul
Age: varying (probably late teens/early twenties)
Gender: male
Height: 2.2 meters (7 ft 2 in)
Weight: 86.2 kg (190 lbs) (toned build)
Species: anthro grey sphynx-like cat
Pallet/fur colors: pale grey main fur, deep grey hair, ears, and tail

His personality is mostly as I act on the server; serious when necessary but mostly goofy and fun loving or something.

Here he is in his amazing glory


Feb 14, 2015
I'm a shark. I'm into weird things. Hi.

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Feb 14, 2015
Apologies. That's why I made sure to label it as such (NSFW) to ensure that the link itself leading away from this site would be followed by responsible people.
Apr 15, 2014
name: Dan
(Anthropomorphic Figure)
Age: ~16-17 look.
Height: About 5 ft, 8 in
Weight: (Funny power-like thing) Can change weight, without changing size, but mostly will stick around 140 lbs.
Species: Russian Blue
Fur color: Dark grey
Gender: Male

Fun facts:
Enjoys lots of sleep, and chasing the strange red dot that keeps moving. Also thinks the grey thing the humans always are saying is his tail is out to get him, so he chases it. He can hold a conversation with himself, and still somehow learn something new.
(No picture due to terrible drawing skill. It's hard to draw with paws!)


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Jul 2, 2012
Valefore City, Avalon
Marryth Foxclaw, a.k.a. MarrMarr
Black-backed Jackal (canis mesomelas)​

20 years of age​

MarrMarr is a chocolate-brown furred Jackal with a sandy tan front, and sandy tan markings on his elbows, shoulders, thighs, wrists, tail, and sock markings for his feet. He does have one stray sandy marking on his right ear, the only marking that isn't symmetrical to his being. His hair is a crimson red mat of long hair that tends to just do its own thing. His eyes are a piercing gold-bronze colour, and his flesh is generally pinkish, save for his nose which is more an ebony. The jackal has a somewhat average yet lithe frame, the male lighter male somewhat easy to pick up and surprise.​

General Attire:
The jackal has a liking to wear plain clothing, void of most brand-names, icons, and other labeling features, and generally sticks to waffle-weave long-sleeves (of winter colour variety) and dark khaki cargo-pants. "Shorts" are not a part of his vocabulary and will sometimes wear a t-shirt if weather seems a bit warm. For undergarments he likes long dark winter-coloured socks, and black boxer-briefs. At any time you will see MarrMarr wearing his purple colour, with ebony rings, a latch, and a rather stylish "M" tag dangling from his collar... this collar designed for him by his Master.​

The jackal is generally quiet and reserved, preferring to think before acting in most all situations. Beneath a calm, intelligent exterior lies a quick temper should things be going awry, but the male is a warm-hearted fellow overall.​

Tends to be a quiet observer; occasionally has sparks of creativity. Hates baseless opinions, running late and/or falling behind. Has an afinity for anything and everything purple.​

MarrMarr is a very timely jackal and whenever busy with something or planning, will always stick to deadlines and allow time so nothing is left unfinished or with chance of not finishing on time. When working, his mind is generally put to the task and won't generally let anything distract him from his work, unless it is something of dire nature, or hunger... which can sometimes be insatiable for this jackal. When without much to do, the jackal will either sit around trying to find something to do, or play video games.
Unbeknownst to some, the jackal is a magic user practising the arcane. His magic is somewhat more elemental, involving water and wind, and with using both, ice. He doesn't spontaneously generate water, but rather can affect the water in the atmosphere and draw from the humidity (though drier climates tend to have a negative effect for him). Outside his elemental practice, he's also researching tomes for traditional arcane magic such as the famed "Magic Missile".

Alongside magic, the jackal is an aspiring archer, practising with recurve bows and longbows in particular.
MarrMarr has a Master that he loves and also considers a mate named Zeek, a red fox. His love and loyalty towards the fox is undying, and the vulpine frequently comes to his mind, warming him. He has a fellow pet under Zeek named Tech, a wolf-dog hybrid, who is more outgoing than MarrMarr is. Loyal to the jackal as a pet is Marr's coyote, Arcos, a recent addition to the family, and similar to the jackal in several interests.​



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Apr 18, 2015
Sweden- Gothenburg
LevenDrich ShimmerFang

21 cycles of winter

Kitsune, seven tailed fox.

6'6 feet tall (2 meters)

LevenDrich is a dark colored kitsune, with a dark belly, dark socks and front paws, he has diffrent coloured eyes, one is golden the other is blood red.
he takes pride in keeping his hair clean, wich is white with a cyan stripe, and is often seen having it in a high ponytail, the rest of him is all grey except for his dark nose.

Medium with femenive style still packs a quite a wallop of he would punch someone.

They say goodthings often come in two, will in this case one is good and the other one, well not very pleasent. his current personality is always netrual and happy, often the golden eye glows when he is like this, or even both eyes glows golden then, that's best case situation but if the red eye begins to glow, bad things are about to happen. as this means he leaves controll and begins to channel his dark and necromatic powers into his body, wich renders him a bit insane, and if both eyes glow red. hell few can stand in his way then until he sees the threat he feels has been silenced.

Reaniamtion of the dead, standard and advanced arts of magic. death prevetned unless killed by posion of the fateweaver wich granted him his dark powers.

He often seen wearing a dark templar trenchcoat ot a white templar trenchcoat with a blood red cross, this marks him as he wishes to set the world in a better path. this robe is a gift from the fateweaver as it holds his books of power, aswell his blessed silver staff so he can inflinct fear on those minions he has so they are forced to obey his commands.
it's also darn good looking, something he is very fond off.
Dec 11, 2013
Sydney Mines, NS, Canada
I have two Sona's to personify both myself when people don't bug me and then when people do bug me. the third one i will leave out because it is a mature sona.

Calm Sona

Name: Belikr L Darkscale

Species: Western Fire Dragon.

Age: 21 in Dragon years... (Aka 2100)

Size: Varies

Personality: Calm and collected, likes to create things. loves music and hates Drama and unnecessary Violence. protects his friends as best he can.

Powers: Powerful Pyrokinetic Ability. can melt almost anything as long as he is touching it and his mind is clear. can not melt gold or higher level metals.

Weakness: not gonna list them

Angry Sona:

Name: Wrath

Species: Archdemon /wrath/

Age: Unkown

Size: Varies

Personality: Volatile, unstable, and very angry. so angry no speech eascapes his month and it dears the minds of any who try to read it. CANNOT be controlled.

Powers: Demonic Pressence, Hell's Fury, Demon Scyth, Hell Fire.

Weakness: idk


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Jun 29, 2015
zevarius kerensky (za-various)

age: 24

sex: yes (male)

orientation: pan (leans twards males mostly)

speciece: biological changling, a god

hight: 5'7"

weight: 137 lbs

personality: chill, relaxed, cuddly and fun :3

powers: divine abilities, shapeshifting, lycanthropy

weakness: nuclear heart reactor (if struck, will explode)

weapons: alot, prefers ballistic weapons over energy weapons

appearence: blue cyber-eyes, blue mohawk, faint lime glow in heart area, mark on his left hand (back of hand), fluffy fur (mud baths make the fur/skin softer :3)

build: minor muscle in appearence, but is capable of ripping armor off of mechs/tanks

enjoys: mud baths, weaponry, blacksmithing, cuddling and kissess

hates: getting hit in the nuclear reactor, not being able 2 suppress his lycanthropy in time from triggered PTSD
Jun 20, 2015
Name: Somoto

Species: Wolf

sub-species: Timber-wolf/ Grey Wolf

Hight: 6"5'

Personality: Very Kind, extremely loyal, firm at times

Normal attire: black robe. Nothing much

Fur pattern: Gradient, Dark Grey (back and tail) to Light Grey (belly, Paws and lower jaw)

Voice: mid tone and slightly louder than one would be quiet.

Likes: Steak, companionship, and moral support.

Dislikes: people who mean harm, not being able to help in times of distress.
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Jul 9, 2015
Basic Information

Nubis Jackson William
Nick Name: Nubis
Species: Buthuaian Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: May 5th, 3020
Birth Place: A carpenter family outside the Kingdom of Lipsion.

Height: 4"5'
Weight: 108lbs


Description: His fur is mostly yellow and white with a bit of mixed. The eyes are green without contact lenses, but light blue with them. His attire is mostly the "Order of 1100" uniform, but during his time off he would wear his normal wear. Family wise, he is apart of the William Family. The William Family is known to be the oldest generation on his home world, and the most contributing group to the Kingdom of Lipsion. (WIP)

(Picture done by a friend of mine)
Nov 23, 2014
New Jersey
Might as well be involved with something... Instead of making up a "fursona", I will describe myself.

Name: Caine D********
Species: Anthropomorphic Mackerel Tabby Cat
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: I'm chubby and kinda fluffy, with a blonde mane and blue eyes. I have a greyish-brownish fur colour with black tiger stripes on my body, limbs, and tail. I have white fur running from slightly above my muzzle down my chest and onto my tummy, as well as on all four paws. I have digitigrade legs, yet I am anthropomorphic (meaning I walk on two legs). Pretty much everything else about me is cat =3
Date of Birth: November 14th
Height: Around 5 feet, 11 inches
Weight: I don't prefer to give that out... I'm a chubby kitty :(
Likes: Eating, sleeping, being a cat, playing online with you guys, eating more
Dislikes: Humans who pretend to be other anthros, being fat, not being older, mannequins
Fun Fact: I'm secretly a cat
Reference: I'm too scared to show my muzzle on camera... Maybe I'll draw a self-portrait one day.


Aug 8, 2015
Bielawa, Poland
Name: Matvei "Mat" Kastern
Species: Gray wolf (originally supposed to be Czechoslovak wolfdog)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1st August, 1999 (yet Mat is 22, cause we are in future of course :v)
Place of Birth: Novi Pazar, Serbia
Nationality: American-Serbian
Appearance: Mat is an anthropomorphic gray-furred wolf wearing a sniper cap and DDPAT white and gray jacket. Purple eyes; white ears and paws; dark-gray stripes running through Mat's back; light-gray tail, except its top, which remains as regular gray.
Height: 183 centimeters/6 feet
Weight: 77 kilogrames/170 pounds
Drawing: https://gyazo.com/856a3000978d99ca728542e984a6c35f (Bad one)
https://gyazo.com/52d5020078df8814ece22c85ae11ec12 (Better one - on the left)

Life history: At September 1997, during Kosovo home war, Renko Kastern, lieutenant of Serbian Army, met Katherine Mettrock, an American diplomat. They fell in love in each other. From that relationship, at 1st August 1999, Matvei Renko Kastern, their first son, was born. When the war ended, Kasterns decided stayed in Novi Pazar. 3 years later, 23rd September 2002, Mat's younger brother arrived - Dragen Rastislav Kastern. The family lived happily together, until the incident of 16th January 2007 happened. Renko Kastern was babysitting his two sons, when the door knocked. Mat was playing with a jukebox and Dragen was asleep. When Renko opened the door, five masked men ran into the house and attacked Renko. Frightened Mat escaped and watched the scene - his father pulled out his trusted 93R pistol and killed two bandits. Unfortunately, one of the alive slit his throat; Renko Kastern fell dead on a carpet. Crying Mat took a Glock pistol dropped by one of the attackers, ran into a wardrobe and hid between clothes. Along with his own screaming, he heard "You go, I kill witness" sentence. Although only 8 years old, Mat realised that his life is in danger. He fired whole clip into the wardrobe door and when muffled fall sound reached him, he opened the door. In front of him there was a man whose face was scattered by 9mm bullets. This event permanently damaged Mat's psyche. At evening, his mother came back to home and found little Mat crying next to her husband's corpse. Police, when arrived, found a piece of paper with "You are next, Kate" on it. After it, Kate Kastern and her 2 sons immediately took flight to Chicago, IL to save their lifes. Kasterns were picked up from the airport by Kate's brother, Paul. Kate decided to leave boys at Paul's family, and next day, she continued the escape from dangerous masked group. Mat and Dragen received a new family - their uncle Paul, his wife Samantha and cousins - 9 years old Zane and 7 years old Madeline. When Mat became 16, he met his eternal love, at the time 17 years old female white-haired shark - Renée Lemarin. In 2019, Mat and Renée applied for a private military organization. After achieved excellent scores, the couple received their own section. When I will learn to draw, the comics/pictures will present their (and other section members - totally seven) personal lifes.

tl;dr version: Mat had difficult childhood and became a merc.
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Nov 17, 2014
For a long time zoomorphic otters stayed isolated on coasts and among rivers. Their interactions with humans short and violent. With few explanations given then the Canadian government gave them quiet citizenship and didn't bother them until the industrial revolution. Even then Otters felt no need for clothes or any of the human luxuries. They instead continued sharpening their weapons and catching fish. Making shelters as frugal as possible.
When the new age of intelligence became more popular then teachers were sent into the otter collective to educate as many as would listen. Naturally the otters decided to just participate as long as nothing was forced, and they were eventually raised into a more intelligent society that coexisted alongside the social programs of modern human civilization. Amidst this new age of intelligence Strider set out from his home in the freezing coast of western Canada on a quest to redeem his peoples in the eyes of humanity.
He traveled with all of the clothing he could find. A heavy cloak, a dark jacket, and nice dress pants. Wanting to fit in among normal humans to show that otters weren't savages who only wanted to fish and play. Having earned a medical degree Strider became a traveling doctor in the employment of the canadian government.He now travels from city to city, offering medical help in whatever city is demanding his presence for the moment. Asking for references and awards as often as needed to make himself seem more capable to future employers.
Strider loves a good companion that can keep his interest. He enjoys meeting new people, and uses every unique experience as a way to understand life itself. Standing at 5 feet and 8 inches he would never look out over a crowd, but having been trained by his people as a dual knife wielding otter warrior then he could well defend himself. Unfortunately for him, however, he found that he always enjoyed a good belly rub. If he is caught laying down for even a moment and someone rubs his belly or starts petting his head, then he is immediately putty in their hands. If they give him a fish then he is officially their best friend.
This otter holds his best friends close as well, he makes sure to keep them happy and healthy. A good friend will help you become the best you are after all. With that in mind Strider wants everyone he comes across to be as happy and healthy as they can possibly be.