Accepted TopherSloph's FBMP Application

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Sep 29, 2017
Kansas City, MO

About a week

Tell us about yourself:
I'm Topher, 33, fursona is a sloth, been a furry and a con-goer for... a long time :3. Used to live on the west coast, but now in the midwest. Been playing Minecraft for a long time, and joined the Foxelbox server pretty recently, having heard about it from friends. I'd like to play more socially, but vanilla MC isn't much my thing, so I've been playing single-player modded for a long time. That gets lonesome though, and it's much more fun to build things you can share with others. Upon finding out the FBMP has my two favorite MC mods, Twilight Forest and Tinker's, I got pretty stoked, and I'm hoping y'all wouldn't mind me coming and setting up a little house up in the treetops in the Twilight Woods.

As far as my playstyle, I tend to be more of a builder/crafter than an adventurer type, and usually build pretty subtle above-ground, leaving the scenery intact. I like to set up an Ewok-village style house up high in the big trees of the Twilight Forest, and then do most of the really extensive building below-ground, making growrooms, kitchens (yay Pam's Harvestcraft!), libraries (Mystcraft ftw), a foundry, barn, etc. as a network of cavern projects, with the goal of building, growing, and cooking things that I could share farmer's-market style with other players in a central settlement, if that's possible. Look forward to hearing your decision, and thanks for putting this server together!
Not open for further replies.