Suggestion: McMMO

Sep 19, 2015
So to not go on a ramble about why this plugin is amazing or good. Because we all have opinions. I gonna explain these three topics as I want to explain what this is first. And get you views on this plugin because I really love this plugin <3

  • What McMMO is?
  • How is it used?
  • What McMMO can do for the server?
  • And Summary

What McMMO is?

McMMO is essentially for those of you don't know what this plugin is

an open source plugin for Minecraft multiplayer servers that is currently being updated by t00thpick1 and TfT_02. McMMO allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP
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It also for more inserting turns and twist for any profession that you choose to main or switch between. Wether you want to become a Swordsman and level up your Swords ability, become a Monk/Thief and practice punching and swiping weapons in the midst of combat by leveling up your Unarmed ability. Hell, you might wanna be a farmer and level your Wood Cutting & Herbalism abilities.

In total there are 15 professions that you can explore and. A Listing of all of them below with hyperlinks.

- Mining
- Wood Cutting
- Herbalism
- Excavation
- Fishing
- Unarmed
- Archery
- Swords
- Axes
- Taming
- Repair
- Acrobatics
- Alchemy
- Salvage
- Smelting

How is it Used?

McMMO is used with a few simple commands. All of them using their own skill names. Along with a help command being '/mcmmo help'

E.g /Swords, /Fishing /Salvage
Here are few examples of uses for these commands.

Skills Info Command:
McMMO Help Info:
Viewing Your Stats:

Source: (My Gyazo)

Though there are more things than just typing commands. With each skill you level up and right from the start you'll get an super ability that you can use. (Which is usually used by right-clicking with the optimal tool). These abilities allow you to get the work your trying to do faster. Give you more chances at drops from mobs or blocks & gain experience for your skills faster.

What McMMO can do for the server?

As McMMO is a plugin with a-lot of replay ability as you'll always have something to do. Such as Mining, Wood Cutting and Fishing for examples. What? You do like those and/or wanna do something else? Well get some potion materials and level up your Alchemy. Don't like making potions? Taming & Repair are things that you can do in the mean time.

So since all of the skills and abilities are very interesting to some people. This means that everyone is going to have higher skills then most people. Such as someone might have a higher level in higher Herbalism then someone else but, have a lower Repair level as well.

"But Volwash what does that have to do with anything about such as 'What McMMO can do for the server?' "
Ah well my fellow fur/human. With everyone having different points and levels in different skills this might drive people to interact more. Such as

"I'll give you some of my farm here and cows. Because I have a pretty high Herbalism level. If you can Repair my armor and enchanted tools."

or even being a simple shout in the chat.

"Hey does anyone have a high enough Salvage level to break down this gold armor?"

This is might drive the sever to interact more trough maybe trading and such. Which even if it doesn't happen it at-least drive more social behavior and such but don't take my word for it. As I have never owned a sever before. I'm just the guy writing his post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Im summary this suggestion is over. Kudos to any mods, admins and users that read this and maybe agree.