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Sep 26, 2011
Our Team Fortress 2 servers are created with the community in mind, so we want to maintain a healthy, friendly atmosphere for all players. These rules are designed to fulfill this purpose.

Rule #1: Be Respectful and Friendly
It's a general expectation that all players on our servers will play as a team and ultimately have fun. Those who choose not to play nicely are strongly discouraged from playing on our servers. While we won't ban you for speaking your mind, it doesn't mean everyone has to put up with hearing it.

Rule #2: No Chat / Voice Spam
Use of voice and text chat features should be done in an appropriate manner and used in moderation, taking into account being respectful of other players use of such features as well. Avoid talking over other players, hogging the voice time, or playing music when asked to stop. Also try to keep the use of duplicate or obnoxious keybind messages to a minimum.

Rule #3: No Ghosting
When you're dead, you're dead. When dead, or in spectator mode, you should refrain from revealing the location or acts of another player through in-game or out-of-game means.

Rule #4: No Griefing
Everyone comes to play on the servers to enjoy themselves and have fun. Griefing is the act of intentionally pissing off, upsetting other players, or generally trying to derail the game.

Rule #5: No Hacking or Cheating
It goes without saying that we don't appreciate hacking or cheating on our servers. This comes in several forms such as, but not limited to, altering the game files, or manipulating the in-game mechanics, settings or other attributes to gain an unfair advantage.

Rule #6: No Impersonating Staff / Players
You should not attempt or engage in pretending to be a staff member at any time, nor should you impersonate other players in order to get them in trouble, offend, or annoy them.

Rule #7: No Abusing the Report Tool
We appreciate people sometimes make mistakes when filing reports and will not actively penalise players for good faith use. However, repeatly sending duplicate reports, or reporting players for very minor infraction will land you in trouble instead.

Rule #8: Follow the Spray Policy
We maintain a Spray Policy to ensure that we don't serve content to others that would be seen to be offensive or illegal. Offensive sprays will be removed and blacklisted.

Spray Policy
Players must ensure that sprays used on our servers abide by the following guidelines:
- No gore, blood or self harm
- No illegal or questionable images ('Illegal' is determined by any image that would violate the law of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada or Germany)
- No images that trick or confuse players during game play (e.g. crouching snipers)

To clarify: Non-extreme pornographic sprays ARE permitted on the server, so long as the abide by the above rules.

We reserve the right to remove and blacklist any sprays on the server at any time.
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