Phantom parts


Jan 29, 2016
I remember when I was still new to the fandom... God that seems like forever ago... But yeah, about two weeks or maybe even a month after discovering it -I had made up Ohmere by then- I got the occasional feel of either a tail dragging/swishing behind me or the weight of a pair of folded wings on my back.

Sometimes when I put my mind to it, I would imagine/feel myself flexing my wings or moving my tail around.
Of course I sometimes imagine myself flying on my wings as well, but I know that really is not possible, So I have had it in my mental list to try and build myself a flying rig, one that uses arm power to power it. (Obviously I would have to get fit enough to use the damn thing)
So when I get all the strongest, lightest and flexible materials together and built, I Imagine myself having a good run-up, flapping my arms just before take-off and continue flapping until I am high in the sky, obviously I would glide on updraughts of warm air when I can get them, as so I don't tire quickly.
But yeah, something I've been planning on doing...