Local Meet Manchester Furmeet June 2016

May 18, 2016
Hello Furries of FoxelBox

This is where i will be posting all your information you will need for the Manchester UK Meet in June.

All information is sourced from @Mancfurs twitter

Next Meet Date: 11TH June

Best way of Transport: The meeting point is only 5 minutes away from Manchester Piccadilly Station so getting a train to the meet is the best option.

We will all be meeting up in the Station between 11AM-12PM GMT just outside of Platforms 1 and 2. the average attendance is 20+ guests

If you have a disability that will effect you coming to the meet please comment below.

I have been to this meet at least once so i know the directions if anyone needs any assistance. there is also an Information desk located inside of the station.

Maps can be found at the Information desk at the station.
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