Accepted FreyrTheHusky/Emily's FBMP Application

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Sep 18, 2017

Joined August 30th - 5,64d of playtime

Tell us about yourself:
Known as FreyrTheHusky (Freyr, husky) and Emily (Em, fox) on the server
I've joined fairly recently (August 30th) but I've been doing what I can to get the hang of things~
From settling in and building houses, exploring the end and my cave system to diving into the new MobArena with joy. I've joined Discord to keep in touch and you'll regularly find me being online through android to have a nice chat.

To tell you a little more about me, I'm a busy bee husky/fox fur from Belgium. I currently study programming in college (first year, exciting~) and program for fun outside of that. I also practice drawing, dance (hiphop/street), play both the acoustic and electric guitar and I game (a lot).

I love playing both vanilla and modded minecraft, and have tried out plenty of mods. (Pixelmon, Lord of The Rings, Lucky Blocks,..) I enjoy exploring the new dynamics mods bring and crafting new non-vanilla items. I adapt my style of building to the mods I'm playing, to give it more atmosphere.
Playing minecraft is always a ton more fun when you get to play with people you enjoy spending time with and maybe have a thing or two in common with, which is what has drawn me to the server.

I've heard a smidge of what FBMP holds and am very interested in giving it a go!
Not open for further replies.