Anyone Wanna RP?

Jan 30, 2013
My OC's name is Taomasa Matabi Uchiha. He is a 6'1" two tailed neko with light blue fur(yes, it covers his whole body) He wears a black shirt with black cargo pants as well a a collar, it has 6 small images on it as well as a bell and small heart pendent. His shirt has an Uchiha clan crest on the back. Occasionally he will be wearing a long jacket. Please, no-one take off his collar. He was made for a fighting forum a while back and his collar acts a a seal. So, yeh, no touchy. He is the son of Bijuu Nekomata Nibi and Death. At one point, he was killed and recreated by two goddess's, who he now calls his mothers. So he has 3 mothers, 1 father. His mothers are Nekomata Nibi, Amaterasu Omikami, and Tsukuyomi Mikoto. He has a mate, her name is Rosarae, she is a vampire. So, if you would like to RP with him, go ahead and drop me a message or something. I'm kinda bored.